For many , health is their top priority in politics for themselves and their families.

In the past few years we have seen how the SNP Government has failed to maintain Labour's increases in health spending in real terms.

We now see the number of nursing and midwifery staff in NHS Tayside lower in 2011 than in 2007 when the SNP came into government.

Here is the story of the SNP Government's cuts in health spending and cuts in staffing as related through the work of Marlyn Glen.




Number of nursing and midwifery staff in NHS Tayside falls to a 4-year low 25/02/2011

SNP Health Cuts - Fewer nursing and midwifery staff in NHS Tayside now than when the SNP were in power three years ago -Nursing and midwifery staff in NHS Tayside falls for the first time in 10 years - Over 190 medical, nursing, and science posts lost in the past year 7/01/2011

NHS Tayside : 105 Nursing Posts Cut so far this year 6/10/2010

200 posts now predicted to go at NHS Tayside to go : SNP government responsible, says MSP 15/10/2010

500 jobs cut at NHS Tayside : "Health service already at full stretch," says MSP 13/07/2010

500 jobs to go at NHS Tayside : health board placed in "a terrible situation" by SNP Government 09/06/2010

500 posts to go at NHS Tayside  : "impact severe", says MSP 03/06/2010

MSP to raise 500 job cuts in NHS Tayside in Scottish Parliament  21/05/2010

NHS Tayside 500 jobs cuts : state which jobs will go, MSP asks health board 17/05/2010

Drop out rate on Dundee student nursing courses reaches 40 per cent 11/03/2010

Concern over health visitor vacancies in Dundee 19/12/2009

MSP raises physiotherapy services with Health Minister with 1,300 on Dundee waiting list 20/06/2009

MSP urges aid for NHS Tayside to employ newly-qualified midwives 09/12/2009

NHS Tayside expenditure must be guaranteed as a " budget for a key service" 14/08/2009

£15 million in "efficiency savings" in NHS Tayside’s budget this year 15/05/2009

Allocations to NHS Tayside "failing to keep pace with previous years," says MSP 10 March 2009

SNP Government breaks promise to fund councils and health boards to reduce the number of prescriptions for anti-depressants 26/02/2010

"Cut in real terms for the second year" in NHS Tayside’s capital allocation 24 February 2009

NHS Tayside budget : "High risk" that reductions cannot not be found 17 November 2008

Plea for more funding for NHS Tayside turned down by SNP Government 30 October 2008

Call for more funding for NHS Tayside 29 September 2008

Dundee Community Health Partnership told to find £1.2 million in "efficiency savings" this year 3 June 2008

SNP Government orders NHS Tayside find £35 million in “efficiency savings”, says MSP  28 April 2008

NHS Tayside health budget hit by new funding method for NHS in Scotland 3 March 2008